Why you should choose Gio- Art Promotions?

Dollar for Dollar, there is no more efficient way to promote your product, program or brand
than by bringing it directly to the public.

The advent of the new millennium has graced us with hundreds of cable T.V. channels.
Broadcast radio is having it's problems with the advent of satellite radio.
We are bombarded daily with unwanted internet and print ads.

What happens to your message????

It gets Lost!

Gio-Art Promotions takes your message directly to the people, who after all, are or will be
the loyal consumer of your products.

So whether you are featuring a luxury car or a can of soup, we have a location perfect for delivering your message.

As you may already know,
Gio-Art Promotions is the innovator and the No. 1 production company specializing
in the placement of Corporate displays and or sampling opportunities in New York City Street Fair Venues.

So, whether you are
pricing a program,
have already signed a client
you are Corporate "in house" PR, Marketing or Advertising,

Read on

For the past 30 years, Gio-Art Promotions has been guiding people just like you.
Gio-Art Promotions currently maintains exclusive sponsorship rights to more than
90 of New York City's largest, most famous and best attended Street Fairs.
Gio-Art's (exclusive sponsorship rights) Street Fairs are located in Manhattan.
From The Seaport District, to The Financial District, to
Midtown (the location of the world's most prestigious hotels and theaters)
to Times Square (The Center of the Universe);
Gio-Art has it covered.

Gio-Art has currently expanded its expertise into the many ethnic areas of our great city.

Whether you are looking for:
Promotional Display Space
Product Sampling
Title or "Official" Sponsorship
Existing Festivals To Tap Into
Special Events
Specific Demographics
Theme Shows
Hundred Thousand + Attendance
Your Own New Event
Product Management
Entertainment Sponsorship Programs
Banner Sponsorship

Or , All Of The Above.
Gio-Art Promotions Is Ready To Help

If you ever spent wasted hours or assigned a naive intern to research a project
and came up empty handed or missed a deadline (sound familiar?),
let Gio-Art do the work for you. We have the answers. All it takes is one phone call....

But before you reach for that phone,
let's learn more about Gio-Art Promotions.

What kind of a track record does Gio-Art have?
Which are the "most important" Events?
Who are their Corporate clients?

For our current and past Corporate Clients

As they say, Just to mention a few:

The 200th Anniversary of The New York Stock Exchange
N.Y.C. Millennium Celebration
The Annual Brazilian Day Celebration
The 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Event
The N.Y.C. Annual Israeli Day Parade

9/11 N.Y.C. Fire Department Widows & Orphans Holiday Event
Festival of the Americas
The Christopher Columbus Quincentennial Festival
The Great 4th of July Festival
The Madison Avenue Festival
Macy's Garden State Plaza Festival
The Statue of Liberty Centennial
The U.S.O. Festival
NYC 2000
The Annual Welcome Back to Columbia University Event

And many, many more.


Now pick up that phone and dial
(212) 809-5200
and let one of our experts assist you.

For info about becoming a sponsor at our events,
email us at
To send us email now,




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